What is a Family Integrated church? 

While there are many different versions of family integrated churches we can tell you what it looks like at Sonrise.  We enjoy both our Sunday School and Worship together as families.  There is no separation into age groups for Sunday School and no Children’s Church.  We believe that benefits of this style of worship include strengthening of the family unit, stressing of the father’s role as spiritual leader in the home, and a consistency of content so that the family can engage in discussion over the course of the week.


Is there a dress code at Sonrise?

When you come to Sonrise you will find some who love to dress up.  You’ll find a few who really don’t.  The majority are somewhere in the middle.  So, whether you are on vacation and didn’t bring dressy clothes or if you love to wear your finest you’ll be comfortable with us.  We welcome you.


I’ve Noticed that You have Fellowship Meals.  When?  What do I Bring?

We enjoy fellowship meals on the third Sunday of the month after the morning worship service.  The third Sunday is also our Communion Sunday and Men’s Meeting following the meal.  They spend time in study, encouragement and prayer.

On the first Sunday of each month we have “brown bag” lunch.  Each family brings food for themselves and we eat together.  Sometimes we are at the church, sometimes at a local park.

Sonrise provides plates/cups/silverware.

The fourth Sunday of each month is set aside to be a “Family Sunday”.  This simply means that we don’t put anything on the church schedule so that families are able to make other plans without feeling they are missing something.



Do you have a schedule for Communion?

Communion is served on the third Sunday of each month during the regular worship service.  All who have accepted Christ as Savior and Lord are welcome to partake.


Is my baby or toddler allowed to make a peep during worship service?

We would be concerned if your child was totally silent during the entire worship service.  We have found that over time our children learn to sit quietly and become engaged in the service itself but until that time comes there may be a time of adjustment.  We expect it.  We have a baby “cry/play” room that you are welcome to use should your child need it.  It is not staffed so you’ll get to enjoy it too.  There are speakers which allow you to hear the service.  But, please do not stress about those normal shuffles, squeaks and babbles that your child may make.  We won’t.  We are all working together toward teaching our children to enjoy and appreciate this time of worship.  Before long your young one will have their favorite worship songs or hymns, they will be answering questions in Sunday School and they will be offering up prayer requests and prayers along with the rest of us.  It is their church too.

So I noticed that the men have time set aside for fellowship.  What about the Women? 

The ladies love to get together!  We try to plan one event per month that happens outside of Sunday.  We are all busy with our families but recognize the need to share our hearts, encourage and laugh together.  Some of us also meet biweekly for Bible Study in a home.