Photo album

A peek into our sanctuary…..

The sanctuary

Sonrise Musicians:

Strings help us worship.

Strings help us worship.

It is important at Sonrise to have as much participation as possible.

Our young people play instruments, help to sing and

participate in the corporate Scripture readings.


Our dear Pastor and his wife, Jenny.


 It was so delightful for the church to participate in their wedding of which some photos follow.

Mike and Jenny's wedding 1

The Handsome Groom with our Associate Pastor Jack and Elder Jon.

mike and jenny's wedding 6

Prayer before the ceremony with Pastor Jack and John.

mike and jenny's wedding 5

The beautiful Bride, Jenny, and her Matron of Honor.

mike and jenny's wedding 4

After a sweet and meaningful ceremony we adjourned to the fellowship

hall decorated by Deanna.

She shares this gift of hospitality and decor with us each year

at our ladies tea.

mike and jenny's wedding 2

Becky and Sonia worked together to make the cake.

Mike and Jenny's wedding 3

Not every congregation is so blessed to witness their pastor’s

marriage….but we are all thrilled for Pastor Mike and Jenny.


Sometimes real life brings sadness as well.

We were all stunned at the loss of one of our young men.

The ladies worked together to prepare and serve food

at his memorial service.

Tommy Memorial 1 Tommy Memorial 2 Tommy Memorial 3

Walking through hard times with each other is every bit as

important as being there in the more fun times.

Growth of friendships and trust come through these rough waters.


Fellowship of all shapes and sizes happens.

Sometimes within the church on a Sunday….


other times at concerts,


Birthday Parties….


in this case with water balloons.


Two Ruth’s with a Georgia in the middle.


Everyone confuses these two.  Sue and Ruth….you figure out who is who.

Picnics are a favorite Sunday afternoon activity.

With so many families driving an hour or so to be with us we often

make a day of it and head to a local park.

English Country Dance has become a favorite Activity for All Ages.


Playing Battleship is serious business….

A Look at Taking in a New Member and Baptizing Young Believers


Denise becomes a member at Sonrise Christian Fellowship.

Baptism is offered either as sprinkling or immersion.
We believe that it is the attitude of the heart not the mode
that is important.


Testimonies, Music and Prayer

make for special times as our young believers

publicly make known their commitment to walk with the Lord.




We were thrilled that our friends and missionaries from Ireland, The Coyle Family, were

able to be with us for this special day.

Tim is a gifted musician as well as preacher.



Young ones profess their faith and are baptized.
After the fellowship meal…..

So often we catch the teens hanging out with the younger children. They enjoy their time together.

Rachel and Asher take a stroll.

Small, Tall, Small

Two of our favorite Grandmas.

The ladies had a day on the water.

It was so much fun to float, chat and relax.

Ladies float 1

ladies float 2

ladies float 3

Sunday School – This was a series of classes on Jesus Worldview, In His Own Words.

A mystery menu dinner made more complicated when the power went out in the part of the building where the food was being served up. The ladies were running here and there to gather food from crock pots plugged in all over the church. It seems funny now…

Rocket Launches are a very fun activity!

The Dads love that the young ones enjoy the chase!
Great catch, Nick!

Baptism service

Such a blessing!

Yet another way to get wet….that is a water balloon!

Teens and toddlers having fun