As we find books, videos, web sites and curriculum that we find helpful we will share them here.  Please know that while we have found value in them we did not write/produce them and recommend that you do your own evaluation of the recommended items.


Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure – Kirk Cameron presents a captivating walk through the history of the founder’s of what came to be The United States of America.


The Truth Project: A Focus on the Family Production – Dr. Del Tackett has a gift.  He is an extraordinary teacher.  This series of “tours” is a call to the Christians of our current culture to come back to a Biblical Worldview.  Through systematic study and lecture series viewers are reminded of both Scriptural and historical facts from which our culture has drifted.  The viewers are challenged in their ways of thinking and most will be stirred to renew their commitment to truth.


Family Driven Faith – Dr. Voddie T. Baucham calls parents to responsibility for the shepherding of the hearts and minds of their children.  In a society that finds it natural and normal to pass responsibility for many segments of our children’s training to others, Dr. Baucham teaches the importance of training our children in the way they should go.  With record numbers of young people leaving the church, time is of the essence.


The Last Christian Generation – Josh McDowell makes the case for a change in approach to drawing our young people to the faith.  In a world of churches full of programs Josh suggests a different approach.  One that is process-driven rather than program-driven.  In a world where young people are leaving the church in record numbers time is fleeting if we are to ignite a passion and encourage a commitment to things of the Lord.  This book offers a look at both the current condition of the Christian Church in America and suggestions of ways to change our current trajectory.