The Sparrow Church

A few years ago a young family visited Sonrise Christian Fellowship.

They were friendly and sweet.

Everyone liked them and hoped that they would join

the congregation.

But it took some time for them to return.

Finally, the day came when this family did come back to the church

………and they are still with us today.

This family has become very involved.

The father plans

annual father/son events

and the wife has just taken over

the coordination of meals for

those in need due to illness,

childbirth or other circumstances.

It wasn’t long after they returned that they shared this story.

One day as they discussed churches one young son spoke up.

He wanted to know if they could go back to the “sparrow church”.

Puzzled they asked more questions until they realized that

he was talking about Sonrise.

On the Sunday they had first visited we had sung

His Eye is On the Sparrow.

Apparently the story in the song had touched

this little boy’s heart and he wanted more.

sparrow invader

Who says children don’t pay attention in a service?

Not us!

We hear their prayer requests and smile as little mouths

open wide to sing songs of praise.

Occasionally an answer will pop out of a tiny mouth

to a rhetorical question in the sermon.

Around that little one heads nod and smiles are shared.

They are listening.

I won’t go so far as to say that this family returned

because of this child’s desire….

but it surely didn’t hurt.

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